I took a few basics of jewellery making classes some years ago but due to lack of space at home, part of the kitchen became my makeshift studio.  I find the stove top to be the perfect place to solder as the rangehood extracts the fumes away from my soldering tasks.

The kitchen has actually become my favourite place in the house as this is where my passion for cooking and jewellery making come to life. This is also where I write my blog. It isn’t a show home worthy kitchen but it is fully functional nonetheless.

Here is where I feel free and safe to make mistakes with no one judging me. I have committed unforgivable sins such as roasting beef to way past well-done that it’s unfit for human consumption or melting a pair of silver earrings I tried to solder bezels on.

Anyway, this blog will be about the pieces of jewellery I’ll be making in the comforts of my kitchen. I’ll also write about the tools that help me get the job done as well as the books that provided me the tricks of the trade, tips and techniques plus the inspiration for me to do better all the time.



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